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They Know the Actual Meaning of Saving Water

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Few days back I was in India on an excursion. India is the second largest heavily populated country in the world. The country is fully dependent on Monsoon, but the nature is not always blissful. Sometimes the country sees a good rainfall and most of the time the country passes through the bad times in famine. 

Shortage of water teaches Indians how to save water and how to use it effectively. 70% of India lives in villages, where the people do not have modern life, but still they manage and live. I’d been in a village where women used to pull out water from wells in the early morning. They have made such amazing water reservoirs to store water. Since, they know the importance of water; they do not even waste a single drop of water as every drop counts

Contrary to the modern cities, villagers know the actual meaning of saving water as they always find different ways of saving water. Since the nature has never been so kind, but still people love the nature and praise its eccentric beauty. They live life in their own way with the hardships; I never met people like them.


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